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🌑✨ Ignite your intentions with our New Moon Manifesting Candle featuring Fire Quartz points! 🔥🕯️ Infused with the energy of the new moon, this candle is your key to setting powerful intentions and manifesting dreams.

Bask in the soothing aroma of Roman chamomile, hints of lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender – a harmonious blend to align with the moon's transformative energy. 🌿🍋🌹

🌑The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, a time for reflection, setting intentions, and welcoming positive changes into your life. 🌙✨

✨ Fire Quartz, promoting passion, creativity, and vitality. Let its energy guide you through the manifestation journey. 🔥💎

Crafted with a pure, organic, high-grade essential oil blend and soy wax, our New Moon Manifesting Candle is a beacon of positive energy. Light up the path to your desires! 🔥🌌

New Moon Candle

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