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Carborundum - The Crystal of Resilience and Clarity! ✨ These bags are filled with several pieces 🧩

Carborundum, also known as Silicon Carbide, is a stunning crystalline gem that radiates powerful healing energy. 🌌

🔮 Healing Properties:

- Grounding Energy: Embrace the grounding vibes of carborundum, connecting you with the Earth's stabilizing energy.

- Clarity of Mind: Clear mental fog and find mental clarity as carborundum harmonizes your thoughts and dissipates negativity.

- Resilience Booster: Channel the resilient spirit of carborundum, aiding in overcoming challenges and obstacles with strength.

🌈 Elevate your energy and embrace the healing power of carborundum – a crystal that sparks resilience and clarity on your journey! 🌟

Carborundum Bag

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