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💀 Unleash the Mystique with our Black Obsidian Skull Mug! 💎

🔮 Skull Symbolism:

Embrace the symbolic power of the skull – a potent reminder of mortality, transformation, and the cycles of life. 🌌 Let the skull on this mug serve as a symbol of embracing change and unlocking the mysteries within.

☕ For Your Mug Moments:

Indulge in your favorite brews or elixirs with a touch of mystique. Whether it's your morning coffee, evening tea, or a soothing potion, this mug is your companion in every sip.

✨ Healing Properties of Black Obsidian:

- Grounding Energy:Feel anchored and rooted as the Black Obsidian infuses grounding energy into your being.

- Protection Shield: Ward off negativity and psychic attacks, creating a protective shield around you.

- Transformational Healing: Experience transformative healing as Black Obsidian facilitates self-discovery and releases emotional blockages.

🌟 Elevate your daily rituals with the Black Obsidian Skull Mug – a unique blend of symbolism, functionality, and the healing magic of Black Obsidian! 🌟

Length is 3 inches height is 1.4 inches.

Black obsidian skull mugs

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