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Introducing the Prism Harmony Glass Water Bottle! 🌈✨ Experience the fusion of hydration and positive energy with our unique design featuring a plastic tower holding vibrant, multi-colored Tourmaline crystals. 💎💦

Discover the Magic of Multi-Colored Tourmaline Healing Properties:

🌟 Promotes balance and harmony

🔮 Enhances creativity and intuition

💖 Cleanses and purifies energy

The Tower Generator symbolizes purification, infusing your water with the radiant energies of Tourmaline without direct contact. 💫🌊 Fear not – our safe glass water bottle ensures a toxin-free and delightful drinking experience.

Why Choose Prism Harmony Glass Water Bottle?

🚫 Non-poisonous and safe for daily use

♻️ Eco-friendly and reusable

💎 Customize with different crystal tumbles

🌈 Embrace a spectrum of well-being with every sip

Explore our chip bags to replace your crystal tumbles and keep the positive vibes flowing! 🛍️✨ Unleash the magic – sip in style, radiate positivity, and stay refreshed with Prism Harmony! 💖🌟

Multi colored Tourmaline Water Bottle

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