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Introducing our Crown Chakra Candle, a harmonious blend of dried lavender and exquisite howlite crystal chips. Immerse yourself in the serene fragrance of lavender, accented with refreshing hints of lemon, while unlocking your Crown Chakra.

🌈 Howlite Healing Properties:

Enrich your spiritual journey with howlite's calming energy. This crystal is renowned for promoting tranquility, reducing stress, and encouraging a sense of emotional balance.

👑 The Crown Chakra signifies your connection to higher consciousness, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. Aligning this chakra may lead to expanded awareness, mental clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose.

✨ Elevate your meditation and daily rituals with the Crown Chakra Candle. Embrace the calming aroma of lavender and lemon, complemented by the transformative properties of howlite. Invite balance into your life, foster spiritual growth, and experience a renewed sense of well-being. Illuminate your path to enlightenment with this enchanting candle.

Crown Chakra Candle

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